Sync for QuickBooks Migration Guide - Install

The following only applies to QuickBooks Online users. We will be migrating QuickBooks Desktop merchants at a later time.

Below are the steps to migrate from Sync for QuickBooks to the next-generation replacement Commerce Sync. Please also review the summary of differences between the two offerings, in this article.

  1. Open this link and bookmark it for future use.
  2. Log into the Authorize.Net log in screen, using the same credentials you use to login to Authorize.Net merchant interface (
  3. Allow Commerce Sync read-only access to your Authorize.Net account data. (Note: currently you will be prompted to do this every time you attempt to access Commerce Sync Dashboard). 
  4. Click on the QuickBooks Online download button in the middle of the screen
  5. Commerce Sync will connect to the same QuickBooks account and verify the configuration setup.
  6. Select your transfer option, by default the Separate Customer when present option is selected. If you have questions please email
  7. Click Complete my Activation
  8. Your activation on the new solution is now complete! From here, during pilot:
    • We will immediately cease transfers from your Sync for QuickBooks connection unless you instruct us not to (although that will duplicate data, perhaps you would like a side-by-side comparison). It helps if you let us know you've activated or disconnect your QB account, but we will be getting regular alerts for new activation.
    • We can also provide any type of historical activity you would like - just let our support team know and we'll work with you on that.
    • Please review the Sync for QuickBooks Replacement Features for more information on the new transfers.





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