Square to QuickBooks Online Install Guide


  1. Sign-in to your Square account                                    
  2. Click on the Apps tab in your Square account (bottom left of the screen)
  3.  Then scroll down to find the Commerce Sync app and click Get Started or Launch App
  4. On the Permissions Screen, click Allow at the bottom



During the next few steps you will be logging in to your QuickBooks Online account. This process takes place in the Commerce Sync Dashboard. If you need assistance with your sign-in information or account selection for your QuickBooks account, please reach out to Intuit Support by calling 800-450-8475.

  1. Click on the Connect to QuickBooks icon.

  2. Sign-in to your QuickBooks Online account using your QuickBooks Admin login.

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  3. If you have multiple QuickBooks company files, you will be prompted to select the one you'd like Commerce Sync to connect to.

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  4. After you have selected the QuickBooks company file, you will be asked to authorize Commerce Sync to access your information. Click the Authorize button so that Commerce Sync can transfer sales information to your QuickBooks account automatically on a daily basis.

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  1. After the authorization is complete, Commerce Sync will verify your activation. Once you see the green check marks, click Continue.
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  2. Select your settings for Commerce Sync: the time zone your Square account is in, whether you would like sales transferred into a Single Income Account or Sales by Category and what bank account for Commerce Sync to post the deposit information (what account Square is depositing to).
  3. Lastly, please enter your billing information. Your free 15 day trial starts today. After 15 days, your Commerce Sync subscription will begin.



Going forward, each day Commerce Sync will transfer all of your sales information for the previous day to QuickBooks Desktop. This transfer will occur after midnight to ensure that all orders for the day are closed. Find out more information on transferring sales that you had prior to installing here.

Commerce Sync is now installed in your Square account and now connected to your QuickBooks Online account. You can access your Commerce Sync Dashboard and review your Settings in your Square account. Go to Apps, then My Apps and click the Launch button for Commerce Sync. 

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