Remove Commerce Sync from Clover

To stop the Commerce Sync transfers and subscription you must remove the app from the Clover App Market

Here are the steps you will need to take:

  1. Log into your account. If you have multiple locations, please make sure you have selected the correct drop-down for the location you are uninstalling.
  2. Open More Tools
    • Classic Clover Home Page
    • New Clover Dashboard 
  3. Then click on "Installed Apps"
  4. Find the Commerce Sync app card and click on it to open it up.
    • There may be more than one page of apps. So you may need to click Next to find Commerce Sync.
    • It's possible to have more than one Commerce Sync app installed in your Clover account, by searching "Commerce Sync" you can check to see if you have multiple apps installed. If you have more than one, you'll need to do the following steps for each app.
  5. Once you've found the Commerce Sync app, click to open the app card.
  6. Click the  and then Uninstall App
  7. Then click Yes on the next screen.
  8. If you are connected with QuickBooks Desktop, you should uninstall the Commerce Sync for Desktop app from your computer at this time.

Uninstalling Commerce Sync from the Clover account will remove/delete the Commerce Sync app from your Clover account and cancel the subscription in Clover's billing system. You can verify that the Commerce Sync app has been removed from your account by searching "Commerce Sync" again on the Installed Apps tab. If you have uninstalled the app during your free 30 day trial, you will not be charged a subscription fee. If you uninstall the app after the trial, some subscriptions fees may still be applied.

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