Transferring Sales to Multiple Locations

You can update your Commerce Sync settings to differentiate what Commerce Sync transfers for each location.


STEP ONE: In your accounting solution, create or identify distinct Customers for each location. For example, one would be called "Square Customer Uptown" and the other "Square Customer Downtown".

STEP TWO: In your point of sale system, specifically create or identify your sales tax rates. For example, one tax rate would be called "Uptown City Tax Rate" and the other would be called "Downtown City Tax Rate". Refer to this article for questions on multiple tax rates. You will then, mimic these rates, with the exact names from your POS into your accounting solution.

STEP THREE: Determine your transfer type. Use the separate instructions below for the transfer type that you will be using, transferring with Sales by Category or a Single Income account?

Using the Sales by Category feature:

To distinguish your sales information for each location when using Sales By Category, you simply need to have the abbreviated name of the location in your Categories in your Point of Sale (POS) system.

  • Commerce Sync automatically creates your Income Accounts and Items in QuickBooks, to track sales, when you use the Sales by Category feature. We create the Income Account and Items using the name of your POS Categories.
  • You will need to update your Categories in your POS with the location name or an abbreviation of the location name.
  • For example, if your categories (or labels) are: Wine, Beer, Salad, Entrée and you have two locations, then in your POS you would update your Categories to “Wine Uptown” and “Wine Downtown” for your different locations, for each Category.
  • Commerce Sync retrieves your sales information for each location separately, and therefore knows which name to use based on the POS merchant account.
  • If you are using one library of inventory and categories in your POS, please refer to the instructions below. 

Instructions for sales transferring into a single income account:

  1. In your accounting solution, create or identify distinct accounts for each location.
    • Update the default sales account and item that Commerce Sync created with information on your first location.
    • For example, rename the sales account to "Clover/Square Sales Uptown" and the sales item to "Clover/Square Item Uptown", etc. Do this for all the accounts and items (Discounts, Returns/Credits, etc.)
    • From here create new accounts and item for your other locations, mimicking the default account that you just updated "Clover/Square Sales Downtown" will be an Income Account, "Clover/Square Item Downtown" will be an Item in the "POS Item Downtown" Income Account.
  1. Then in the Commerce Sync Dashboard click View under Settings to select the newly created or updated accounts and items for that location.



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