Sales by Category - Fixing Uncategorized Sales In QuickBooks

If you are using the "Sales By Category" feature, you may find Uncategorized Sales has shown up as a new Income Account in QuickBooks.

Any item in your Point of Sale (POS) that is considered un-categorized will be mapped to an account called Uncategorized Sales. An item is considered uncategorized if it:

  • Has more than one Category or Label
  • Does not have a Category or Label

Here are some quick steps to fix this in your POS and QuickBooks

  1. Fix the item in your POS: open your Inventory app or center. Locate the item and assign the appropriate category or label to it.
  2. Fix the item in QuickBooks or Xero: On the Invoice Commerce Sync created, for each uncategorized item, click on the Product/Service and select the correct sales item. Then, click the save button.

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